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Want to be a police officer? Don't do it the way I did. Read Barry Baker's fresh approach to the subject. Barry is a retired Detective Lieutenant from the Baltimore Police Department. Baltimore is a rough town with a lot of action. See his book and lots of other material here -

Hit this site for lots of links to writers and their sites. It's hosted by retired Los Angeles Police Department Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, and he has an extensive web presence with lots of projects underway. There's a great deal to explore here.


Northwest Books -
This is an interesting website featuring a thoughtful selection of books by Northwest authors or about the Northwest. It's a great site to browse and explore and to buy books that interest you.

Lowen Clausen ...
Lowen is a friend from police department days. He was a street cop for thirteen years, and has moved along to other endeavors, including becoming a very successful author. His first two novels, FIRST AVENUE, and SECOND WATCH, are about Seattle cops and have a lot of local color and background, as does his just released third novel THIRD AND FOREVER. All three of these books have received a lot of critical acclaim. Lowen is a fine writer with a loyal following, and he actually does research to supplement his own experience, so his books don't have those annoying and distracting inaccuracies which plague so much crime fiction.

Jenny Kanevsky -
Jenny is a Seattle writer who grew up in Philadelphia. We met recently at a gathering of local writers and I found her to be very bright and engaging and witty. I'm sure she is an excellent writer and I plan to read her novel CHOSEN QUARRY as soon as I can. It is set in Philadelphia and looks very promising. I will report fully ASAP. Visit her website at -

Although I am behind in my reading, I recently finished Milt Ghivizzani's novel EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR, a murder mystery involving attorney Joe Bari. I confess that I have trouble suspending disbelief enough to appreciate a story in which the hero is an attorney, a reporter, or an FBI agent - but I quickly got caught up in Milt's narrative and wanted to find out what happened. He's a natural story teller and the novel features a fascinating liberal education in some aspects of criminal jurisprudence and legal strategizing. A great read. A bonus is that Milt is a nice guy personally. I'm looking forward to his next book.
- added December 9, 2004


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